Updates: 03/04/2018 page started My Psychic Abilities earlier related notes: 03/25/2015 and 04/03/2016 Before we begin this, let’s start with the skeptics: See Notes-New Mexico mass murders case (West Albuquerque burials), psychic skeptic, psychic user input The difference between discernment and skepticism: Discernment makes your mind and intellect an ally.  It can use various faculties and activities, drawing on analysis, trial and error, intuition, physical evidence, hypothesis testing, cross-checking, interpretation and diverse social/cultural input and various readings. Skepticism can start out right but if taken too far, can take a person down the wrong alley.  Hard core skepticism can occur for various reasons: - judgement, bias, discrimination -cover-up of secrets -enemy psyops -defensiveness -fear-like fear of the unknown, fear of being seen (for people with secrets, like a deer caught in the headlights); if you are a man dealing with a psychic female, it might make you uncomfortable that she might have that edge over you (it might feel emasculating) -ego--unwillingness to admit one might be wrong in these matters; -unwillingness to learn and grow, expand the horizons --religious beliefs--fear of Satan, etc. My abilities can be and are weak to strong.  I don’t feel I can do psychic readings professionally. I cannot sit down and start reading you or anyone else.  The psychic ability cannot be commanded at will much of the time. The abilities: telepathy, clairsentience, clairaudience, psychic empathy, some energy activity, precognition, a sense of energies and people of the past, going to the roots of things - or trying to -in ancient and various historical times.  I get precognitive and other flashes. Some or much of it might be psychotronically enhanced in some way - ie, as a targeted individiual, abductee,etc.  I have wondered about the following:  --a Vietnam era connection to old real American military ops - before it started being shifted by hostile anti- American forces--I’ve had a few dreams that I might have been taken off in a type of very small space vehicle or small aircraft into hollow mountains, etc. as a child -a Santa Fe, NM connection -like some problems might originate there
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