updated 12/08/2016 Personal Information:  1A-In-ness   1-Roots    2-Addictions in recent lineage     3-Old South Connection     4-Mason Connection     5-Eastern Star     6-Jewish Connection      7-Hawaii Connection   8-German Connection     9-Possible early childhood sexual abuse   10-Brief Military connection     11-Travels       12- Sexual Orientation and Approach     13-Helpers      14-Absolutely Certain    15-Strange Psychic Phenomena     16-Uncle Mike (separate page) 17-Valle, Arizona Shed Thing   18-My Early “Playing House” Issue (added 07/06/2018) Several of the connections are minimal in degree. roots_notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017  1A-IN-NESS This is a personal term.  It means deeper than normal internal feeling-knowing connection.  I suspect one or more of the following might be involved: early childhood issue; past life; deep connection with another person living or dead;  soulful theme (it’s on my path). 1-ROOTS  Thelma Carson notes - family history, Wynns, Vogels, old-time Farmington, etc Typical American grab bag:  Welsh, Irish, German, English, Spanish or Mexican (less definitive), Native American (Cherokee). Father’s side: The Native American is at least on one side of the family: father’s mother’s father’s mother was Cherokee.  My grandmother showed her Cherokee roots with long black hair, hazel eyes with a slightly oriental looking curve and high cheek bones. Several of her sisters and brothers were blonde and blue eyed.  There was a Hyatt on the father’s father’s side. Grandmother had been born into a very poor family in Dimmitt, Texas with twelve kids.  She was born in the later half of kids. Father had a hotel later turned into a diner when the main road through town was diverted elsewhere.  Many stories of poverty.  This is one reason I support birth control and abortion - my grandmother’s people had too many kids and could not adequately support them.  Raised in a small community that shared a church between Baptist and Methodists, so she did not become fundamentalist, taught school before she had a degree or license, got those later when she was 50.  Father was not too religious but switched over to Presbyterianism somewhat later because it was more moderate.  Not a heavy church goer and church attendance dwindled out later although tithing was kept up for many years to Presbyterian church. Mother’s side: German, Welsh.  The German was on mother’s mother’s mother’s side.  The German couple gave the great- grandmother up to people who adopted her.  They seemed to have been from the Black Forest area of Germany.  The Welsh was on the mother’s father’s side.  Grandmother was Methodist, mother switched over to Presbyterianism at some point.  Mother’s ancestors started coming into the Four Corners Area (northwestern New Mexico and southwestern Colorado) in the late 1800s and were true pioneers.  They were the Wynns (earlier Wynne), Phelps and Carsons.  The Carsons came down from Canada, two brothers.  Some of these people had serious encounters with the Indians.  My mother’s people became Indian traders, owned several different stores across different reservations over many years, 2-3 generations.   Methodist grandmother (mother’s side), Presbyterian mother, but the grandmother was more regular about church attendance than the mother, who like my father, stopped attending at some point altogether.  It stopped being an interest or a need.  Some extended family might be Mormon the mother’s side through the trading post world, vague memories of things said in childhood.  One of the cousins converted to Mormonism at one point but I think his father and mother helped pull him out. He was out knocking on doors to try to convert people.  One of the cousins had problems with drugs and perhaps alcohol.  The odd thing about our family is no one talks to each other, especially on the Carson side. They keep their distance an generally don’t share a lot of information.  The father’s side with the Texans  would have stayed close and did so through the grandmother (father’s mother) and to a certain degree with my father, but it does not go down to the grandchildren, which could be the Carson side keeping its distance.  Briefly, there is the possibility I am one of many of life’s childhood sexual victims in this world.  This means I put things in perspective.   My story goes back to the time I was an infant up through about age eight or nine, with the abuse likely in the earliest years.  I don’t remember anything specific after maybe age six.  The ages are hard to pinpoint, however.  Later one of the perpetrators was found guilty of child sex abuse of a minor and put away for 30 years.  Although this does not prove he did it to me, this fact compounded by memories of he and his brothers and father add to the possibility.  The memories are of fondling in a bedroom by more than one of the males in that family, avoiding the father repeatedly, complaining to the mother at least twice about the father and being rebuffed harshly and strangely, and so on.  My mother remembers my being nervous in the bathtub when she tried to wash me, stuff like that.  I was in that household from the time I was an infant because my mother worked teaching school.  it was in Farmington, New Mexico in a home daycare off Monterey below Ute in a tiny house that is still there.  They family had added a playroom on the back.  addictions_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017  2-ADDICTIONS IN ANCESTRY Alcoholics were present on both sides of the family, but further back in time from my generation.  I lucked out by not having to deal with that level of addiction in my growing up in my immediate family, but I am sure I experienced some abuse and dysfunction from an alcoholic step-uncle (Marine’s husband). weird behavior from a great-grandfather (my father’s father’s father) and it is possible the home day care owner’s son or sons were engaging in some kind of substance excess.  Also stories about the alcoholics in our lives left lasting impressions on my young self.  A sense of horror and worry I might too end up like that caused to me to stay clear or if showing signs of engaging, to step back.  Visions of an alcoholic great-grandfather going through withdrawal in an old people’s home left a lasting impression; stories of his mean behavior to the staff, for example.  The fact he had left wads of spit (tobacco, phlegm) in a mound on the living room floor in his house and poked at me in the vagina area with a cane also left impressions.   Neither parents nor grandparents were alcoholics. But the following holds true: notice the irony of two great aunts and two great grandfathers on both sides of the family line. Mother’s side:  a great aunt (grandfather’s sister on mother’s side) was an alcoholic; great grandfather was an alcoholic Father’s side: another great aunt (my grandmother’s sister on my father’s side) another great grandfather (father’s side) was an alcoholic oldsouthconnection notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017  3-OLD SOUTH CONNECTION  I think slave plantation in Mississippi.  Mother’s mother’s father’s people (great grandfather). Grandmother went back to look at property, said it was small and run down looking.    Apparently when the father went back he was embraced warmly by an old black woman who called him by a familiar name.  I don’t know for a fact the blacks were slaves but perhaps they were servants or  from a lineage of slaves on that land.  The significance of this is that although I don’t know what was going on there, others with knowledge of the area and its history might be targeting descendants of white slaveholders.  I will try to get more information on the exact city and state. masonicconnection_notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017 4-MASONIC CONNECTION Don’t know a lot about it, cannot confirm what I think I remember hearing, but my grandmother told me my grandfather had been a Mason with the highest level designation possible.  He does have a Masonic symbol on his grave site.   easternstar_notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017  5-EASTERN STAR AND SORORITIES Related topic to Masons and Possible Early Programming of Mother/Mother’s Mother My grandmother (mother’s mother Thelma Lucille) and mother were members of local sororities in Farmington, I don’t believe Eastern Star was part of their repertoire.  P pick up concerning vibes over Eastern Star in the area, including 45 miles north in Durango.  I feel this should be checked out, I get warning bells in my intuition on Eastern Star.  Have been picking up warning bells for several years.    I attended one of those sororities and was concerned over some vibes.  There was an exclusivity and meanness coming from some of the women, a coldness.   This was from the younger generation, not my grandmother’s generation.  I was also disturbed to see the huge numbers of women who attended; I had had no idea how many people in the area were involved.  Jewishconnection_notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017  JEWISH CONNECTION Since Zionist conspiracies are discussed on this website, I need to disclose a personal Jewish connection. Facts:  I was 20-21 years of age in Albuquerque, New Mexico when I had a brief (maybe six months) relationship with a young Jewish Italian from New York. We had talked about marriage after I pushed him but then I walked, shortly afterward learning I was pregnant. This is someone who had a strong-willed father with a say on marriage and who had been discriminated against as a Jew back in New York.  We had a daughter out of wedlock (she was likely conceived in March during Spring Break down near South Padre Island in Texas; the daughter was born the following December) and did not see each other again (to this day) but had contact by mail first and email later around her18th birthday.  He contacted us by mail right as I had been reading a book on the Jewish Holocaust and Reincarnation (see book in Acknowledgements). There seems to possibly have been some precognition and perhaps a zone of influence around the whole thing, perhaps from Zionists.  This possibility has come up much later, like this past year, I did not necessarily make that connection back then, but was aware of possible precognition because there was a weird energy around the reading of the book, not bad, just outside the normal  I mentioned this to him.      The daughter went to visit him not too long after he made first contact and seems to have some correspondence with him.  My daughter and I are not close and rarely communicate or see each other.  I was a single mother who gave up most custody to my parents when she was quite young, maybe around eight or nine.  She is blondish with large blue eyes and  has curly hair which seems to have come from the father. hawaiiconnection_notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017 7-HAWAII CONNECTION Briefly, I have family in Hawaii.  I suspect a Verizon cell phone related NSA issue as described by Edward Snowden who worked in Hawaii for the NSA before whistleblowing.  I have concerns about a possible Obama-Subud connection, have experienced a strange energy of being watched around the Oahu UH campus and the East-West Center in particular in late winter 2016; there was an undercurrent.  I suspect a minority backlash and native “liberate Hawaii” - anti-USA - which might have connections with certain international groups.  I also suspect a bank excess and corruption issue in Hawaii. germanconnection_notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017 8-GERMAN CONNECTION Not much to report: on mother’s mother’s side, possible Black Forest area Germans who came to the USA in the 1800s.  Poor, gave up my great grandmother to the Johnsons in the Farmington area.  My great grandmother had issues, she was abusive to my grandmother, beat her with a belt, my mother’s mother had to leave home early, one reason she got married young at age 16 or so. The German aspect cannot be vouched for; it is something we were told.  I have heard there might be Germans on the other side of the family (my father’s) but I don’t know anything about it. earlychildhoodabuse_notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017   9-EARLY CHILDHOOD ABUSE POSSIBLE OR PROBABLE Briefly, there is the possibility I am one of many of life’s childhood sexual victims in this world.  This means I put things in perspective.   My story goes back to the time I was an infant up through about age eight or nine, with the abuse likely in the earliest years.  I don’t remember anything specific after maybe age six.  The ages are hard to pinpoint, however.  Later one of the perpetrators was found guilty of child sex abuse of a minor and put away for 30 years.  Although this does not prove he did it to me, this fact compounded by memories of he and his brothers and father add to the possibility.  The memories are of fondling in a bedroom by more than one of the males in that family, avoiding the father repeatedly, complaining to the mother at least twice about the father and being rebuffed harshly and strangely, and so on.  My mother remembers my being nervous in the bathtub when she tried to wash me, stuff like that.  I was in that household from the time I was an infant because my mother worked teaching school.  it was in Farmington, New Mexico in a home daycare off Monterey below Ute in a tiny house that is still there.  They family had added a playroom on the back.  briefmilitaryconnection_ notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017 10-BRIEF MILITARY CONNECTION I was in the New Mexico Air National Guard at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico for no more than two years, experience included training, weekend stints and two weeks a year.  Saw no action.  Got out early with an honorable discharge with only an A1C (Airman First Class) for being a pregnant single mother and not living in town for the commute to the base, but unofficially I wanted out.  Almost got in trouble for AWOL by being late from lunch off base one day; one of the higher ups let me off that time. This confirmed my decision to get out because I felt the response was excessive for a petty issue like that, and even realizing the rationalization for strict obedience (like no desertion in times of war), I knew this was a sign of possible future problems.  I was not motivated or interested enough to put up with that kind of heavy handed authority and knew if it happened again there would be no easy off.  The pregnancy was a welcome excuse to get out.  Although there were definitely some things I liked about the brief military experience and found interesting, i was hugely relieved to get out.  Had two uncles and a great uncle who had been in  the military - Uncle Mike in Vietnam was discussed elsewhere; a mother’s brother went to Korea and a great uncle (mother’s mother’s brother) named Orion Wynn was lost in action during World War II; he was a bombardier.  I mention the military connections because it is my belief people in the military might be candidates for Monarch types of black box projects and perhaps it can cross generations.  UFO types of abductions, etc.  See additional comments (in Personal Notes 06/20-2016). travels_notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017    11-TRAVELS Childhood: Born in Farmington, New Mexico: to Phoenix, Arizona; to New York City; to Okinawa; to Taiepei, Taiwan; to Karachi, Pakistan; to Summit, New Jersey; to Athens, Greece; to Arizona - Tempe, Mesa; to Nogales; to Tucson (high school); to Farmington (high school). Two different highs schools, left high school early to graduate from community college, was in a gifted program in Farmington high school - completed first year Latin and advanced honors English there. sexualorientation_notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017  12-SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND APPROACH Female, straight but not narrow, support gay, lesbian and transgender human rights.  Feel deeply that discrimination and abuse of homosexuals is wrong and hate to see it in the news when they have been targeted for hate crimes.  I do worry about early and later sexual abuse influencing choices and orientation in these people, and as a psychically empathic person, I often pick up things that the people themselves either don’t seem to deal with or remember along these lines.  There are certain things I see, like stuck energy fields showing a tendency to hold the energy body a certain way as it coordinates with previous sexual and/or physical abuse.  For example, I might see a man who is standing talking to me with an energy body pose of being in a more curled in position from the impact of a past punch or with a certain kind of tension around the genitals from abuse there.  The person will be smiling and demonstrating a happy-gay quality, but down inside I see these signs from early abuse toward denial and final detachment of the abuse.  So you can see that whereas I support the right of gay, lesbian and transgender people to experience their sexual humanity in the way they choose as long as it does not hurt others, I cannot deny my psychic impressions that a lot of sexual choices stem from early abuse.  Religious people might make the mistake that I am religious about my concerns over homosexual choices, that I am one of them, but I am coming at it from a psychic connection.  The other concern I have about homosexual people is that they can become both defensive and offensive with people who seem to judge them, and in their own way can try to control situations and retaliate.  This can include using networking to pull strings to get back at someone they feel judges them personally or homosexuals in general. By and large, once people are “in” - that is have made the choice to separate from the mainstream in a homosexual lifestyle, it becomes next to impossible to get them to work on early child abuse which might have influenced their choices and orientation.  Although everyone is different, and some have had long-term therapy, often the case is once gone, gone.  There is a type of disconnect.   My other issue with male homosexuality is a feeling that cannot be described as other than abandonment - so many great guys lost into the world of guyness.  Although you can certainly be friends with them, it is obviously is never quite the same.  I am sure many men feel the same about lesbians.  With all that being said, my own sexuality is firmly heterosexual but it can be tricky for people to figure it out because I am not particularly feminine.  Also, I don’t like being dominated, so it can come across as non-interest or aggression to old school males who like to see signs of ape-like submission.  I think there are some unquestionably ugly behaviors in society toward women and that it needs to stop.  Women can be and are often their own enemies by buying into the “Bride of Jesus” mentalities found in Christian groups, or that women are sinful.  I am deeply sorry that Dark Ages mentalities pervade modern times, complete with paranoia, superstition and group gang mentalities toward non-believers or non-conformists. helpers_notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017_ 01/21/2017    13-HELPERS As mentioned elsewhere, I ask for - and seem to intermittently get - living psychic helpers, as opposed to spirit guides or disembodied helpers.  Helpers who are more psychically advanced can and do step into my life from a distance from time to time.  By virtue of their ability to get into the same space I am in or asking help on. and with the ability to look at the person or situation in the right way, things start shifting and opening up.  What this means for me is that lots of times their looking in helps make me more psychic, at least while they are doing that.  It has happened to me repeatedly.  There is both an opening and a transference of information. In this regard, I notice a difference in my psychic ability when someone more advanced than I am seems to step in to look at things or to help.  It has happened several times.    In the past when I started feeling people in my space doing readings from a distance, sometimes at some point soon thereafter, they confirmed what I was picking up.  So there is precedence for this. When more advanced people seem to be checking things out and things are going off in my awareness because of that, it feels like a type of psychic training.  It is as if they are helping, like learning to ride a bike, swim, ride horseback, play an instrument or learn to talk.  It is as if new places in the psyche or subconscious are awakened.  If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. Whether the individual is specifically communicating with me telepathically or not, there is a shift, in the sense I will notice where I was blocked before, things now start coming in.  This would be an advanced form of psychic training school.  It seems to help dislodge certain kinds of blocks, it can help open up my subconscious.  More detail can start flowing into my third eye, feeling nature, empathic or body knowing and general knowing.  It can even help me hear psychically better.  All of these things came up recently on the Linda Daniels case.   What was different this time was that  more detail seemed to start coming in and I even seemed to hear the perpetrators playing music, like from a radio in the car they were using to abduct Linda - and also perhaps in the room where they were abusing her. I don’t usually hear things psychically in the form of music.  Recently, I was looking into the Linda Daniels case.  I was getting a lot on a spiritual level and as an empathic healer, but very little concrete data.  After I mentioned it would be good to have a professional psychic with a proven track record look in, I started noticing I was getting more apparent detail, was having certain kinds of sensations….and was almost - not quite fully - hearing music as if coming from the past perpetrators during the 1986 attack on Linda Daniels.  It sounded like some kind of rock coming possibly from their abduction car and perhaps in the motel where they apparently raped and tortured her.  Did I really sense these things?  Was I really getting more detail?  Was I really hearing music?  Or was it all a trick of the imagination? For whatever reason, a psychic connection can still result as a type of resonance, and that resonance can encourage a form of telepathy and shared psychic viewing so that when the other psychic looks in, what they see, I see, or at least part of it.  Perhaps this link between psychics is related to a concept of a Tao or great linked mind in a matrix soup; that we sense stuff together because we are in a matrix of interconnectivity.  We hear about the ether, perhaps created with tiny drops of intelligence in touch with each other.  We can envision a small brain hooked into a big brain, so it all hooks together like a computer system.  We can see polyps or sponges on the sea bottom floor; then we can imagine that sea floor is a living being, a consciousness; then everything that is anchored to the bottom sucks up common intelligence or knowledge, like trees and bushes in an area pull in common water through the roots. However it happens, it is not scary and should not be thought of as forbidden territory or just an area for advanced people.  It is a free space available for all of us equally, I would think.  Helpers might be more fluent with this matrix, more adept, having been opened up, they help others open up, even if it is for that viewed event or person, even if the ability is temporary while they are looking in on things or helping.  They do show what is possible with psychic ability by helping less advanced people get past some blocks or shift gears, sort of like showing someone how to ride a bike or swim.   As I mentioned before, I don’t often get a whole lot of usable, tangible, identifiable data, stuff you and I both would just love to have when we are trying to prove something or nail something down.  So often when I am looking into something psychically - doing the best I can - or, which is more often the case, things start coming to me, like through flashes or body types of awarenesses, etc. - I reach out to the universe and basically say “Help! Could someone please look into this and help add more detail!”  I will put that message out frequently on this website, usually through the notes area.  And sure enough, sometimes people who happen to pass by (check out the website that day) or people who have been following the website pretty carefully, especially the notes (or updated sections) will seem to help!  You get what you ask for!  But sometimes it is not because the people seem to vibe out as particularly being for me, it’s just they are critical and want to check things out themselves, either to prove me wrong or to find out stuff. My approach with all of this is one of creativity and exploration.  I feel we all should approach the psychic world as a mix of science and art, so that it is OK to fumble and make mistakes along the way.  I will tell you frankly I make psychic mistakes every day of my life!  But I also have some “hits” - which means psychic rightness.  And it is not just coincidence! My feeling on this material is to use caution.  It is important to remain cautious and discerning, but to become too skeptical and rationalistic destroys the potential good that could come out of psychic work.  Skeptics who take skepticism too far often have psychological issues they are not working on, and their problem becomes our problem.  They can block progress.  Some people get lost in materialism, they just simply get lost - that is all there is to it.  And they can be so critical and so stubborn!  There is an energy associated with some people who have gotten lost.  Some people are into negative occult activities. These people can be fearful of change, having damaged or immature egos.  They might have trouble admitting being wrong.  The could be worried about people seeing  them for who they are and what they are doing.   Some might sense where a psychic might be tuning in, or trying to “heal” them, and so they want to stay ahead of that.  Some of it could go back to childhood when they were abused or not loved.  This can include severe disappointments to the point hope is a dagger.  It is sharp and painful to them to see others with hope and they want to squash it the way it was destroyed for them.  Emotional pain gets stuck and is a kind baggage these people don’t want to deal with.  They are angry people.  Also there is the feeling of the point of no return as some of these people have already gone too far, having killed people.  This is part of the lack of hope.  Also sometimes it shows up in homosexuals, especially men, men who once had heterosexual relationships and have turned their back on all that.  There is a sense of grief in a lost world they cannot and will not return to; if their choices in addition to homosexuality include negative acts against society, such as in a conspiracy, the tendency to turn off spirituality or the metaphysical might be more likely.  This then would be materialism with a fear of things that go bump in the night and the whole scary world of the paranormal, scary because all of that could loosen things up and make a person feel too much again.  By bottling things up and off, things seem safer and more controlled.  Materialism is on an energy level a type of solidifying as the energy often feels dense, tight, not flowing with a forgiving nature.  Psychics working together can help loosen old stuck energy; it is very conceivable that missing pieces from an old cold case can start showing up after a variety of psychics work together according to their abilities and different spiritual or non-spiritual ways.  A more advanced psychic might be less advanced in some ways than the one being assisted, so in this manner, the experience is teamwork.  This is no less true of any other form of collaboration. absolutely_notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017  14-ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN This just simply indicates full sureness on a psychically gained piece of information.  There are some things that come in clearly, other things are less certain.  I tend to get a feeling-knowing thing.  Frequently this cannot be relied on.  I will tell people, I am picking up this, it seems like it might be you, but something else could be going on.  When I get feedback and learn I am right or wrong, I grow and learn.  When I don’t receive feedback, it hangs in the air - maybe for years - unresolved.  Sometimes information will come in later that explains the situation better.  strangepsychicphenomena_notes_personalinfo_thegoldenrivernet_updates_02/11/2017  15-STRANGE PSYCHIC PHENOMENA  04/02/2016:  Some of this older material might overlap with newer material.  I would like to add today that I am still having off and on other-level or layer psychic impressions of either myself being shot at or others being shot at.  A sense of police types watching the internet for my information in various contexts carefully, sometimes getting angry or once alerted where I am or might be, making connections with their guns on their persons.  I seem to repeatedly sense men having relationships with their guns in their anticipation of coming after me.  Multiple gun shots in this psychic feeling imagery, almost like a missing limb itch - something almost there but not here in this physical space.  Like it is going on somewhere else or about to happen and being experienced in almost 3D real life here now, over here in this layer.  Like that is Room B and this is Room A and I am shifting between the two or experiencing both almost simultaneously.  Like two computer windows showing up on the screen at the same time.  04/22/2016: Just had another experience of feeling and hearing someone talking about me and getting the feeling they were about to call or might have already called - to the point I pulled out the cell phone to see if they had called - then got another strong sense of them talking thinking about me and boom, at that moment he called.  I have read…(?) …Week preceding, feeling of a shot put through my head.  Distinct other-level feeling comparable to other times with precognition.  I feel what is going on with this sort of thing is that people are thinking about killing me and working it out on another level of existence.  I seem to be working with that energy on some level.  I also feel someone is trying to get me to think about committing suicide - like planting ideas and this one is very subliminal, not as easy to find, more of a feeling thing.   I feel I am hitting some nerves out there even though I don’t necessarily talk about top secret high tech stuff.  I feel part of the nerve has to do with 9/11.  I have told people that whoever did 9/11 also has been stalking me and that around that time years ago I was picking up certain vibes that later suggested to me that I was getting now-time material on the planting of the bombs.  It felt like ants crawling around in my body laying bombs, there was a sense of wiring and explosions and not too long after that 9/11 came up on the TV media.  I was in Albuquerque at the time.  I had been experiencing psychic attacks and was in connection with a man named Stirling who I thought was possibly killing people.  Later I thought it was not him, it was the police and and others around him in that area where he lived - Kansas City area.  I wrote letters to the police over there telling them of my concerns, lots of letters.  I think I was getting into the psychic space of some of the detectives who might have been going around the area and beyond killing people.  When and how I hooked into that space through Stirling is not clear but it seems to have started before I contacted the police in that area, within the month after he contacted me thru a personals ad in Yahoo.  I started getting unusual psychic impressions of possible torture of and killing and thought it was him doing that.  Maybe it was MKULTRA or NSA reading our emails.  That whole thing is a long story.   I wrote letters to KC police both sides of Missouri and Kansas state line, Port Townsend, Washington, and another city in Kansas, about midway in the state, where I thought the wife had connections or might have moved.  I think Stirling might have been a victim himself through the space connections of his father.  It also could be connections in general in the KC area.  He used to live in the city where I lied, right up the street which seemed like an odd connection.  I wonder if the NSA was behind Stirling contacting me in the first place.  i felt energy dangers over the phone when he first called me, needle- like tiny energy sensations.  I made a point of remembering it.   about others doing that, but it was not only until later years that this sort of thing got stronger.  I literally was picking up this man’s thoughts and feeling it register in my body before he called.  I had the phone out waiting for him.  Sometimes what people are saying and thinking about you is not very nice, I get that a lot, and sometimes they do come out and just say it but I am already getting warning through the vibes before that.  It does not happen with everyone, I don’t always know when the phone is going to ring, and I don’t always pick up strong signals from people.  I think there are some people where there is more resonance than with others for whatever reasons.  Most of the time- almost always - the people are totally unaware that I am having these experiences over them.  Some have suggested I have a type of X-ray vision: I feel that is taking it too far.  It’s just certain things I can do. 10/13/2015.  I am going to go back over something I wrote about of a personal experience. Go to the psychotronic section for more info under personal commentary.  I am having strange precognitive zone of influence types of experiences.   I feel if they continue, it could move into violence.  We need to catch the perpetrators.  Shed in Arizona: Coconino County  see Valle, Arizona Shed thing below I am sensing things being taken (stolen, removed) before they are taken.   For example, before a large modern shed was removed from land I was buying, I had strong feelings of driving up to the property and finding the object gone, like whoosh.  Sure enough it happened exactly like that: one moment there, one moment gone.  In other words, the people came and got it using a fork lift within a brief period of time while I was away that day.  Came home around 5 to 5:30 pm and found it gone, along with my new solar lights along the driveway.   Before the event happened, I had been having reoccurring feelings of people wanting to take things off the land, get into the shed, look at my stuff inside the shed and steal my solar lights on the grounds of the land around the shed.    There was the feeling of being watched.  There was also the feeling that someone(s) wanted to do violence. Portland, Oregon: Super 8  Airport On Holman It happened around a Super 8 Airport long-term parking lot in Portland, Oregon on September 13, 2015 recently.  I had zone of influence types of feelings around a break-in and robbery of my car before it happened.  I was parked in the front row of that lot pretty near the entrance to the hotel - you could either see the car directly from the entrance or by walking a few feet forward and to the right of the entrance.    I had been having feelings that someone was following me and wanted to break into the car while trying to get ready to depart from the airport.  The feelings of something in my space were very distracting and making it hard to focus properly.  I had a flash while either at the airport waiting for a plane or up on the plane that a cop might be standing in front of my car at the Super 8.  I had a flash of him looking inside the car from a closed up car (not from a broken into car) and that he was using something to get into the car like an electronic device or some other non-destructive device.  When I found the car broken into via broken glass and that the Super 8 had called the police, I had to wonder if the flash I had was of the police being called, not breaking in.  I later wondered if they were wanting to seize my things as part of illegal seizures.  There was an energy of retaliation around this along with actual thievery from whoever did this.  Nothing valuable was stolen but I did care about the items taken.   There are other experiences of precognition listed elsewhere I will put here, as well: Briefly.... Police Officer front door personal residence: - Neighbors called him - Farmington, New Mexico I had precognition before a cop showed up at my door in Farmington,... Wilderness Area Farmington, New Mexico ...and before a cop followed me into the boonies and... Sleeping in car in residential area  Farmington, New Mexico ...before cops showed up at a car I was sleeping in one night  in my old residential neighborhood (one I had lived in many years and lived in again shortly thereafter). Mean note left on parking lot at a certain company Farmington, New Mexico Both precognition and concurrent psychic knowing (sensing something while it is happening) of someone being around my car parked in the lot and saying something rude or feeling angry with me about something.  Sure enough found a hostile note on my windshield about my poor parking style.  The note was on the back side of a torn Honda dealership envelop (Hanson of Farmington, I believe) dealership envelope; maybe the person worked there or serviced a vehicle there. Police corruption behind this? We must consider the possibility that the corruption we are seeing throughout several of the police (and policing affiliates like NSA, DEA, SWAT, FBI, etc.) in New Mexico and around the country is happening here.  Is there a Mormon, fundamental Christian or Catholic connection to this?  Is there a Mossad/CIA link?  Is there a Muslim link?   Are any oil and gas and/or military types bringing back Islamic tendencies consciously or subconsciously?  One piece of info gleaned from studying police corruption in New Mexico is an American paramilitary group who had served in Afghanistan or other Middle Eastern areas participating in police brutality.  Have they been hooked into by any Islamic psychotronics?  Have they intermarried or joined forces with Islamic groups while overseas?  Did they take on rogue military values while overseas?  Is there a a certain company connection in Farmington to any of this beyond just my getting a nasty note in their parking lot?  Who exactly manages and runs a certain company in Farmington? 17-VALLE, AZ SHED THING Shed and land; Graceland Portable Buildings; Bad Repo Experience off New Land Purchase The thing about the removed storage shed in Valle, Arizona in the past couple of years: Flagstaff is 45 miles away and is the largest city in the area.  The property’s actual physical address was listed as Williams, a small city about 30 miles away. 1. Police case report on file - I reported stolen shed and stolen solar lights, was told only lights could be considered once they realized the shed was a repo that had been removed, not apparently stolen, Coconino County (Flagstaff and Williams) - two main county officers involved - a woman met with me and came to the site; a man talked to me over the phone.  The man had an attitude - the woman did not, other than she seemed a little elitist. 2.  Graceland mobile buildings on Rte 66 in Flagstaff - an older veteran male manager and a woman in Flagstaff office; a woman over the phone at coprorate office in the southern USA; a man who handled the moving of the shed.  3.  Stolen Solar lights: Manager refused to answer questions. About a dozen new solar lights on the grounds having nothing to do with the shed were taken and never accounted for by the non-helpful manager in Flagstaff who kept saying “Call the corporate office.”  He did not apologize, refused to deal with the topic in any way, refused to answer any questions about the solar lights, very uncooperative. 4. No warning papers on door or gate - no in-person contact - I drove up and found shed gone 5. I gave the hint where to look first to the police.  I told the woman deputy to consider checking local shed companies first simply because the shed looked like it had come from one of those companies.  There is a distinct look - yellowish brown paint - they are visible along highways (their signs always say no credit check); the land I was buying had been foreclosed.  Also I had been having psychic warning bells of the worse kind.  Once the shed was removed, I wondered if it had been in default, too.  The seller never disclosed and acted like he did not know anything about the shed.  Chances are he knew or suspected a problem with the shed and allowed me to think it had just been abandoned. 6.  Non-warning Repo Process:  The male officer seemed to be personally biased in the situation - and was acting more like a building and land inspector than a police officer by some of the things he said - not a whole lot, but some hints.  He seemed to be treating the idea that Graceland’s coming on to a new purchaser’s property to take a shed without warning or paperwork is OK.  I refer to this as non-warning repossession” - I did not personally default on either the land or the shed.  In addition, I was never given proof of any kind that the shed was actually in default.   For all we know, Graceland was taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of a new buyer; it’s possible it’s a racket.  The officer acted as if just whisking property off private land without clarification in writing as to why is normal and as if there is nothing a person can do about it. A civil issue. He came across as leaning toward the opposition (Graceland and the screwy manager out of Flagstaff) as if something was up his own sleeve in the issue.  He seemed to be in charge of the female deputy.  That male officer and I got into it briefly over the phone.  He was acting like there was something wrong with me, not Graceland and their shed-hauling company.  He would not acknowledge the bad way Graceland had of just ripping property off private land without advance warning.  To this day, Graceland has never shown me paperwork showing the shed was actually in default with the previous land buyer.  Illegal Trespassing on Private Land They should be seen as illegally trespassing onto private land without giving proper notice to a new buyer of the land and until they show legal proof of their right to remove property like that.  How do we know the shed was really in default, and that they are not just trying to steal stuff from ignorant out-of-state buyers of land?   No such proof was ever forthcoming from Graceland, and the Coconino County officer (I don’t recall his actual rank, but I feel it was higher than deputy) seemed to be in on it.  The locals told me he is paid for by people around Valle who were tired of vandals - I am not sure how the county versus local funding works in that regard.  The female deputy did help up to a point but seemed dominated by the system she worked for.   She did run down the shed with Graceland in Flagstaff (I had given her ideas as to where to look) and I did recover my stuff out of the shed.  There was and is the feeling people could have gone through private papers in file boxes that had been in the shed.  I was left with the feeling there are no legal protections for members of the public and that the deputy out of Flagstaff was supporting these lack of protections.  I also felt Graceland out of Flagstaff was lying.  I believe the corporate office is out of Kentucky.  The woman from that office would not answer what had happened to my solar lights.  One is left assuming  Graceland took them at the time of the removal of the shed.  I canceled the land contract within the 30 day money back guarantee period and did get part of the money back; I had been briefly making monthly payments and fortunately had not invested a lot in it.  People will try to suggest because  it was part of an Internet purchase, normal owner protections and protocols about privacy and trespassing do not hold up - that it is not a “real” situation.  It’s an Arizona Thing - Particularly Creepy The truth is this is about the state off Arizona and some really nasty police related abuses especially in rural areas.  After this event, I started reading up more about Arizona police abuse and what happened to me is similar to “abscondings” others have experienced - it is particularly venomous and sneaky in Arizona in a way that it is not in the equally corrupt next door state of New Mexico - Arizona is doing it in its own way with a different set of protocols.  There is an elitist attitude in the policing system.  They whine about the high cost of living in Flagstaff, but they are making very good incomes compared to most of the locals out there in the rural areas linked to Williams.  It is likely linked to the more permanent landowners and business people out there but look also for workers in related fields. 18-My Early “Playing House” Issue With a Sibling: The stuff of a Victim’s later homosexuality? I encouraged manipulation of my toddler sister’s genitals by getting her to masturbate  when I was about age 7 or 8. It likely has something to do with her later lifelong homosexuality.  This is the second of three reasons I spend so much time with childhood sexual abuse issues on this website.  The first reason is that I was sexually abused myself in a home daycare - and there is some question whether there was a second unrelated incident involving an actual rape when I was a little older.  The third reason is about the psychic world.  I am increasingly picking stuff up psychically related to possible sexual abuse in other people’s lives in one way or another.  My issue stopped before puberty and went inward; I am one of the lucky ones because I didn’t go on to become a child molester.  However, I had trouble sustaining relationships.
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