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Officer. Roswell Police Department. 24-year-old Valerie Palombi was fired from the Roswell Police Department early 2016 after another violent incident.  Police say surveillance video shows her and 24-year-old Kevin Blake robbing the Subway restaurant on North Main Street Tuesday night.  Officers say Blake pulled a gun on employees while Palombi cleaned out the register. The pair was arrested Thursday night at a trailer park.  Palombi was a Roswell Police Officer for two years. She was fired back in January, just weeks after a police standoff.Officer say she started shooting outside her house while threatening suicide. 2016/07/02--http://krqe.com/2016/07/01/former-roswell-police-officer-arrest-for-allegedly-robbing-restaurant/ 2017/02/27--http://www.koat.com/article/questions-raised-over-roswell-police-hire/8985140 Perez, Dominique. Albuquerque.  Officer.  In connection with James Boyd. Public Health NM Pestak, Noah.  (2012) Truth or Consequences. Excerpt from RD News 2012: A 29-year-old man accused of impregnating a 15-year- old girl while he was a Truth or Consequences police officer has been charged with statutory rape of a minor, even though he later married [auth] the girl.T  he Albuquerque Journal reports (http://bit.ly/OZQbJx) that Noah Pestak turned himself in Friday after State Police obtained an arrest warrant. He was charged with criminal sexual penetration of a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and attempting to tamper with evidence.  He was released from the Sierra County Detention Center later Friday after posting a $25,000 cash-only bond.  http://rdrnews.com/wordpress/blog/2012/07/29/ex-nm-officer-who-married-15- year-old-charged/ Polisar, Joseph. (1980s) Albuquerque.  Officer. From Real Crimes: (Later became APD Police Chief.)   “The APD Intelligence Unit, under the supervision of Sgt. Joseph Polisar, was accused of illegally creating and maintaining secret dossiers on innocent political figures.  The only possible use for such dossiers would be to exert influence and pressure on those politicians. When the existence of the dossiers became known, they were burned to prevent their inspection.  Sgt. Polisar was subsequently elevated to Chief of Police” 10/1/87: Former Chief Justice William Riordan, the City’s first independent councilor, found that the APD Intelligence Unit, under the supervision of APD Sgt. Joseph Polisar, had been secretly stockpiling information on local residents not suspected of wrong doing.  (The Unit was supposed to be gathering intelligence on motorcycle gangs, organized crime, terrorists and other criminal activity.) …7/5/94: APD Joseph Polisar, (supervisor of the APD Intelligence Unit when police burned the controversial Intelligence Files), was appointed Police Chief.   Real Crimes: http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm  See also Kaitarquette Porter, Rodney. (2005)  Hobbs. Excerpt from Brown Watch:  Arresting Officer has a History of Police Brutality Claims Against him (01/03/2005) One of the arresting officers, Detective Rodney Porter is no stranger to police brutality or racial discrimination claims. On August 24, 2004 a court awarded Jimmie Marshall, a 58 year old Black man $580,000 for police brutality claims he brought against Porter and the  City of Hobbs. Specifically, Porter took a blood sample from him without his permission and without a warrant following a Dec. 26, 1996, traffic stop. Marshall claimed Porter only tried to stop him after determining Marshall was black and then used a racial slur during the arrest -- a claim Porter denied. The jury awarded Marshall $390,000 in compensatory and punitive damages for Porter's actions (the remainder was for the liability of another officer's actions).[more]http://brownwatch.squarespace.com/police-brutality-watch/2005/1/3/hobbs-police-beat-down-another-black- man-cop-with-racist-brutality-past-is-the-arresting-officer.html UPDATES Updates: 01/31/2018 Robinson, Vasshawn OFC-HOB discrimination lawsuit;  01/21/2018 Warman, Brandt-TAOS added; 01/16/2018 Wilson, Oliver added Santa Fe New Mexican 2014/04/30; 01/20/2018-Vigil, Robert-TAOS added; 01/15/2018 Wilson, Oliver NMSP SNTA FE  (shot J. Anaya)NM In Depth-2016/03/23; Santa Fe New Mexican 1/09/2018 Schultz, Ray NM Political Report-2015/04/30, NM In Depth-2017/03/24, 2016/01/14; 01/08/2018  Sandy, Keith 5 Articles added-Albq Jrnl, Public Hlth-10/13/2016, KRQE; Palombi, Valerie added, krqe-2016/07/01; 01/07/2018 Salazar, Martin VEG find a case-2011; ODonnell, Kent 2 GPO filings 2006, 2009;  12/26/2017 Oskins, Chris added to list along with two links. 12/15/2017 Gigante, Brandon; 11/27/2017 Page 3 started - earlier updates: _(Odonnell-02-17-2017); (Porter, R; Pestak, Noah 02/20/2017); _updates_ 11/24/2017 Simpson, Dwayne. (Scott, Carroll-02/20/2017)(Salazar, Martin; Sandoval, Vidal-02/22/2017); (Rodriguez, Robert update-02/20/2017)(Ramsdale, Rick-Reynolds, Ed- 02/21/2017)(Rodella Jr., Thomas_02/26/2017); 11/05/2017 Threlkeld, Eric/on domestic violence issues/reforms; 11/05/2017-vigil, matthew/espanola/child abuse. 02/20/2017- cruz, zavala. 02/21/2017-Varela, Javier-02. 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