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Appointed 2001 by Mayor Chavez, replacing a reformer, returning things to corruption. Messing with commission findings, letting guilty officers off. Excerpt from Real Crimes:  7/11/03 Albq. Journal: The Police Oversight Commission discovers that APD Chief Gil Gallegos overstepped his authority by arbitrarily reversing the commission’s findings in two police-shooting cases, exonerating the officers and classifying the shootings as justified.  Gallegos said in commission documents that the case files were his and he could change the findings at any time. http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-watch/wp/2014/04/14/albuquerques-long-history-of-police-abuse-cover-up-and- scandal/?utm_term=.94b75e07579d 07/29/2013--https://www.abqjournal.com/227488/albuquerque-police-chief-leaves-with-mixed-legacy.html Gallegos John B. Police Lt. (1995, etc.) Albuquerque. Supervisor APD Internal Affairs Unit.  Burglarizing. Excerpt from Real Crimes: “supervisor of the APD Internal Affairs Unit, was caught burglarizing a liquor store while on duty” from Real Crimes (06/2/1995):  Albuquerque Journal: APD LT. FACES PROBE: Lt. John B. Gallegos, 14-yr veteran of APD and supervisor of Internal Affairs division, faced criminal investigation for burglarizing a liquor store in May, 1995.  He was on duty at the time of the burglary.  from Real Crimes  (09/20/1995:) APD Lt. John B. Gallegos, supervisor of APD Internal Affairs Division, was indicted on counts of commercial burglary, evidence tampering and larceny.  APD said Gallegos was no longer with the department but refused to say if he was fired or resigned”  Real Crimes: http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm  Gallegos, Toby. (1980s-1990s) Albuquerque. Officer.  Excessive force, tampering with evidence, larceny.  Overturned law case. Excerpt from Real Crimes: APD Officer 1993: Albuquerque Journal: APD Officer Toby Gallegos was fired by Police Chief Bob Stover for hitting a car-chase suspect in the back of the head with his nightstick. Gallegos said he didn’t remember doing that, and the firing was rescinded in favor of a 60-day suspension from Excerpt from Real Crimes 06/02/1995: 1995: APD Officer Toby Gallegos was fired by Chief Joseph Polisar, who labeled him a “brutal cop” for hitting a suspect several times with his large metal flashlight and kicking him in the groin.  A city hearing officer ruled the firing justified, but it was later overturned.  Gallegos returned to work and collected $35,627 back wages from his termination date to his reinstatement date.” Real Crimes: http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm  Galvin, Jerry. (1990s) Albuquerque. Police Chief. Reformer.  Mayor Chavez fired him, restoring “business as usual” in Alb. police corruption.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-watch/wp/2014/04/14/albuquerques-long-history-of-police-abuse-cover- up-and-scandal/?utm_term=.94b75e07579d Garcia, Esther. (2006) Albuquerque.  False Arrest.  Victim Renae Harbin.  $100,000 settlement.   Casemine excerpt: HARBIN V. CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE 12 Apr 2006  |  United States District Court, D. New Mexico.  Leagle excerpt: KENNEY v. CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE Case No. 15 CV 00414 JAP/WPL.United States District Court, D. New Mexico.January 20, 2016. https://www.abqjournal.com/news/metro/471444metro06-26-06.htm https://www.casemine.com/judgement/us/5914b556add7b04934772086 https://www.leagle.com/decision/infdco20160121a59 https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=7042693760726801539&hl=en&as_sdt=6&as_vis=1&oi=scholarr Garcia, Holly. (2016) Albuquerque.  Detective.  Undercover detective in association with Lt. Greg Brachle and Jacob Grant shooting/injury case.  (Abq Free Press 01/13/2016) Garcia, Michael. Las Cruces. (Incident 2011, Reported 2013).  See NM Police Victims Names -  Diana Guerrero.  Excerpt from Photography is Not a Crime 03/2016: Now, the city of Las Cruces, N.M. has settled to pay $3 million to a woman who was sexually abused by a city police officer during the ride-along. The officer in question, Detective Michael Garcia has since plead guilty and was sentenced to nine years in prison. The settlement decision was made on Monday. http://photographyisnotacrime.com/2016/03/29/new-mexico-police-settle-3-million-lawsuit-hiv-positive-detective-rapes-woman- ride-along/   Garcia, Mike. Albuquerque. APD Sergeant.  Excerpt from Real Crimes: “…Supervisor of officers assigned to public schools, was indicted on sex charges involving a 12-yr-old girl who was staying the night with one of his daughters. (When he was tried in 2004, the jury was deadlocked, and the prosecutors did not seek a retrial.)” Real Crimes: http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm  Garcia, Richard. (03/2015) Las Cruces.  Officer. Extensive excessive force. Excerpt from Cop Block (03/09/2015):  Video Proves Las Cruces Cops Lied….the video clearly shows Las Cruces police officers – Danny Salcido and Richard Garcia – rushing into Flynn’s holding cell and attacking him. The Lahann Law Firm representing Flynn say that Salcido and Garcia beat their client so badly he sustained multiple injuries including a fractured skull, a brain hemorrhage, broken ribs and multiple contusions. Flynn’s attorneys filed a 12 million dollar lawsuit on Thursday (March 6th) against the city and several police officers involved. https://www.copblock.org/114550/video-las-cruces-nm-cops-lie-costly/ http://www.lcsun-news.com/story/news/local/courts/2016/06/27/ex-lcpd-officer-trial-alleged-cell-beating/86454838/ Another Deadlocked Jury/Mistrial in New Mexico: Garduno, Tom. Sergeant.  Albuquerque.  Referencing a then current incident involving  Moriah Smith and a repeatedly offending, victimizing use of a police dog Lehocky (see listing) stated his supervisor, Sgt. Tom Garduno, told him, "Good job. I'm glad nobody died." http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm Garrison, Larry. 1-PORT/2-OFC-PORT PD/3-MULT-HIST-FRAUD-FORCE-BULLY-FIRED  (2008, 2011, 2015, 2016) Portales.  Officer.  Portales Police Department.  Excerpt from Albuq. Journal--2015/10/23 by Brittney Cannon:  A Portales police officer’s conduct during an internal affairs investigation “displayed a complete lack of integrity and honesty.” That’s according to an Oct. 14 letter from Portales Police Chief Pat Gallegos to District Attorney Andrea Reeb. Reeb said Wednesday that Larry Garrison is no longer employed by Portales police following the investigation.   Excerpt from KRQE-- 2016/03/17: Some names assoc. with case in article:  Arturo Aranda (alleged victim); Eric Dixon (Portales attorney).  Excerpt from My High Plains-2016/03/15: According to previous reports, Garrison used to be a deputy in Curry County and was charged with assault and disorderly conduct back in 2008. And was named in a use of force lawsuit in 2011 as a member of the Portales Police Department 2016/03/17--http://krqe.com/portales-police-officer-fired-after-internal-investigation/ 2016/03/15--http://www.myhighplains.com/news/portales-officer-fired-after-internal-investigation/400353222 2015/10/23--https://www.abqjournal.com/664518/letter-portales-officers-conduct-displayed-lack-of-integrity.html Geier, Mike.  Albuquerque, formerly Rio Rancho.  Chf. APD. Excerpt KOB 12/05/2017: With an interim police chief and two deputy chief, the Albuquerque Police Department is now under new leadership.Their work to move the department forward will not be easy, but Police Chief Mike Geier said he feels like he's right where he's meant to be. It's not a job he said he'll take lightly considering the skyrocketing crime in the city. http://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/albuquerque-police-department-apd-interim-chief-mike-geier/4694747/ Gigante, Brandon. Deming. (2013) (CHF) David Eckert Case. Excerpt from Huffinton 11/05/2013: Deming Police Chief Brandon Gigante argued that his officers “follow the law in every aspect.” Kennedy said that the officers’ warrant allowing them to search Eckert expired hours before his ordeal was over, and the warrant wasn’t even valid in the county where the procedures were performed. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/05/david-eckert-enema-colonoscopy-drugs-traffic-stop_n_4218320.html Gloria, Stan. (10/12/1990, etc.) Albuquerque. Detective, Sergeant, narcotics officer.  Numerous serious problems.  Excerpt From Real Crimes: “Armed with a warrant obtained thru false information”(10/05/1990): “APD Narcotics Det. Stan Gloria stated that he had knowledge of drug activity at a particular address….there was no way Gloria could have known about any criminal record” (04/23/1991:) APD Officers James Torres and Stan Gloria went into an apartment to sell 100 lbs. of marijuana for $60,000.  They were posing as drug dealers in order to take the money of real drug dealers.  Torres went into the apartment alone and the suspects pulled a gun on him and tied him up.  A suspect then pulled a gun on Gloria, who was waiting in the parking lot.  Nearby police were alerted and came to the rescue.   The suspects were tried and convicted.  In 1997, Torres and Gloria were awarded medals: 07/19/1995: Albuquerque Journal: APD INVESTIGATES SERGEANT’S ACTIONS - Internal Affairs investigated Sgt. Stan Gloria in connection with a drug situation.  Gloria, a former narcotics officer, was current supervisor of field services on the West Side.” Real Crimes: http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm  Goff, Jim. (2010) Albuquerque.  Sheriff Deputy  Made unprofessional commments to a group of Christians, showing bias, getting into an escalating controversy rather than maintaining objectivity and composure. Includes input-excerpt: M.G. Bralley, who is a retired Albuquerque police officer, New Mexico blogger and photographer emailed me the video with some comments of his own as well as a link to a law-enforcement article titled “controlling public protest: First Amendment implications. https://photographyisnotacrime.com/2010/07/n-m-deputy-under-fire-for-spouting-atheist-views-to-christian-protesters/ Goke, Marvin.  Albuquerque.  Officer. New Mexico State Police. Excerpt  from KRQE by Katherine Mozzone (02/22/2016): A DWI stop started it all, namely, an alleged relationship with the woman he arrested that night — 34-year-old Angela Torres.  An investigation into former State Police Marvin Goke resulted in a misconduct report, detailing allegations including insubordination, failure to perform duties and unbecoming of an officer.  Yet, the report doesn’t stop there. It also provides an account of an alleged fight. APD captured lapel  video of the interviews after one of Torres’ ex-boyfriends, James Gonzales, reported the fight. 02/22/2016--http://krqe.com//state-police-former-officer-should-not-be-a-cop-in-new-mexico/ 07/27/2015--http://krqe.com/2015/07/27/new-mexico-state-police-officer-on-administrative-leave/ 03/23/2016--https://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/officer-lets-drunk-driver-one-reason-and-one-reason-only 09/12/2017--http://krqe.com/2017/09/12/state-police-officers-certification-revoked-after-alleged-misconduct/ Gonzales, Christopher. Santa Fe.  (2017) Santa Fe County deputy.  Termination for domestic violence. http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/county-fires-deputy-after-domestic-abuse-arrest/article_48688e97-d8e1- 580c-9b93-9a2d3411027f.html Gordon, Eden  Albuquerque.  ex-Chief. Grant, Jacob (incident 2015)  Was on an undercover assignment with Lt. Greg Brachle who shot and seriously wounded him in various key areas of his body - 80 percent loss of blood, organ injuries, etc. Lawsuit, 6.5 million settlement.  Excerpt from FreeABQ- 2016/03/30 by Dennis Domrzalski: The settlement ends the nearly year-long case in which Grant claimed that his shooter, Lt. Greg Brachle, violated many APD policies regarding undercover drug busts on the day of the shooting. Excerpt from ABQ Jrnl 2017/12/05- by Kay Barnitz: An Albuquerque police lieutenant who repeatedly shot a fellow officer during a January 2015 undercover drug bust will not be criminally charged, the state Attorney General’s Office announced Monday.  Excerpt from Free ABQ-2016-03/16-Dennis Domrzalski: Grant made the request in a letter to the news media from his lawyer, Alex Gabaldon.“Fourteen months after this tragedy occurred, the City has not released any videos,” the letter said. “Although the videos are highly personal to Det. Grant, and while it may be disturbing to see him[self] being repeatedly shot, Det. Grant is hopeful that the City will release the complete videos to the public to help prevent future tragedies from occurring to other law enforcement officers and to the public. For officer safety, Det. Grant requests that any released videos blur the faces, images and identities of any undercover officers to ensure their safety.”Brachle shot Grant eight times at point-blank range with .45-caliber, hollow-point rounds during the undercover drug bust on Jan. 9, 2015 near Central and Tramway. Grant lost 80 percent of his blood, suffered temporary blindness and suffered damage to nearly every internal organ as a result of the shooting. He has undergone multiple surgeries to repair the damage and will most likely undergo many more. Grant has sued the city and Brachle in federal court for civil right violations related to the shooting. The lawsuit and subsequent court filings allege that Brachle was a loose cannon who violated numerous police department policies and procedures that morning. The complaint also alleges that, while he didn’t attend an operational briefing on the bust that morning, Brachle was on his police radio and learned the details of the operation while he was en route to the scene that day. 2017/12/05--https://www.abqjournal.com/1102366/ag-no-charges-in-cop-on-cop-shooting.html 2016/03/30--http://www.freeabq.com/settlement-jacob-grant/ 2016/03/16--http://www.freeabq.com/2016/03/16/jacob-grant-release-video/ 2016/04/01--http://www.koat.com/article/cop-who-shot-fellow-officer-i-didn-t-know-it-was-you/5070698 2016/01/14--https://www.abqjournal.com/706353/detective-recalls-horror-of-being-shot-by-boss-in-drug-sting.html Green, Patrick   Deming.  In connection with David Eckert  and Young case.http://www.policestateusa.com/2014/timothy-young/ http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-10th-circuit/1748339.html Griego, Jason  Cuba. A former Cuba police chief and one of his deputies have filed a federal lawsuit against police in Maui, Hawaii. The two claim they were falsely arrested, and say their families were humiliated and mocked.  The incident happened in July of 2013.hen Cuba police chief, Jason Griego, and reserve police officer James Sanchez were finishing up private security work and going to enjoy a family vacation in Maui.When they were finished with the job, they checked into a hotel with their families to enjoy a vacation. That is when police showed up to their hotel rooms at night.“ Maui police officers rousted them, dragged them outside of their hotel rooms and placed them under arrest,” their attorney, Eric Steltz said. 2015/04/14--http://krqe.com/-new-mexico-officers-claim-they-were-falsely-arrested-in-hawaii/ Griffin, Matt.  (1980s) Albuquerque.  Officer.   Numerous crimes - “The Ninja Bandit.”   Excerpt from Kait Arquette: Six months later, Officer Griffin, who fired the death shot, was revealed to be the notorious “The Ninja Bandit” who had been terrorizing Albuquerque for months.  Griffin was sentenced to life for multiple bank robberies and murder of a witness.  Even so, law enforcement continued to refuse to consider the possibility that Griffin killed Peter [Klunck] to keep him from talking. Real Crimes: http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm http://kaitarquette.arquettes.com/corruption%20overview.htm True Crime Diva - Griffin Grossetete, Victor(article 07/2015) Albuquerque, Espanola. Cop’s battery charge, brutality lawsuits raise questions about police vetting 2015/07/22--http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/cop-s-battery-charge-brutality-lawsuits-raise- questions-about-police/article_a5a90ab5-ebbd-59be-a683-4264a7644ade.html Gutierrez, Jose.  (2014)  Santa Fe.  Officer. Resigned after striking Dawn Bourgeois. Excerpt from Santa Fe New Mexican. By Phaedra Haywood (04/15/2014):   Santa Fe police officer accused of using excessive force when he arrested a taxi driver just after midnight last month has resigned from the department.  No criminal charges have been filed against the former officer, Jose Gutierrez, but dashboard camera footage of the arrest taken from his patrol car shows at least one inconsistency between what the department has reported about the incident and what was captured on video. http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/officer-resigns-after-arrest-of-cab-driver/article_ddf76ba8-2f54-517e-a988- 4c325771224e.htm Guzman, David. (06/01/2000) Albuquerque.  Sergeant. Retaliation issue lawsuit against APD.  Exposed serious issues in APD. Excerpt From Real Crimes: Albuquerque Journal: JUDGE REFUSES TO QUASH EX-APD SGT’S SUIT AGAINST CITY-- A federal judge rejected a request to throw out a 1999 lawsuit alleging APD retaliated against former police sergeant David Guzman for speaking out against alleged discrimination and misconduct.  Guzman, who took early retirement after 22 years with APD, mostly with a unit dealing with drug interdiction, alleged he was passed over six times for promotion to lieutenant and transferred to a section consisting of street-level detectives because he was an outspoken member of two unions representing Hispanic officers and because he complained about alleged police misconduct.  The lawsuit said Guzman told supervisors about an APD captain involved in a domestic dispute involving a gun.  He said, during that investigation, he found 58 phone calls made from the captain's home to a known drug dealer and that officers severely beat up a drug informant.  http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm http://mgbralley-whatswrongwiththispicture.blogspot.com/2008/06/apd-sop-rights-of-onlookers.html Grover, Tom. INFO Former officer 2004-11.  Albuquerque. APD.  excerpt al jazeera: This culture has changed very little since Costales' days in the department, according to former officer Tom Grover. "It was a running joke at the department: 'Did they have a gun, wink wink, nod nod?'" Grover says. "There wasn't any concealing or diminishing of [the] APD's propensity for violence. It was there, it was acknowledged, it was accepted."Grover joined the department in 2004 and left in 2011 after a botched APD investigation into the death of his close friend Mary Han, a well-known civil rights lawyer and outspoken critic of the APD."I'd taken tenfolds of carbon-monoxide suicides or attempts at suicide. And it's not this pristine scene that you see in the movies," says Grover of the way Han's body was found. "People look sunburnt. They sweat because of the heat from the exhaust. They expectorate, there's snot everywhere. There's a lot of scratching. It's a very violent death. Theres nothing pleasant or sublime about it. Its an ugly, ugly scene … Mary, however, is just sort of there like, 'Hey, wake up.'"What followed was a series of unusual events, as numerous high-ranking APD officials and city civilians arrived on the scene, something Grover had never seen before. According to a police report filed by Grover (and later lost by the APD), the lieutenant said that while on the scene he overheard detectives commenting that Han was a staged murder, that it was a homicide, that Han was "clearly taken out".Later that evening, Grover got a call from a lieutenant on the graveyard shift saying the APD never made the call-out to investigate Han's death as a homicide."It just stinks to high heaven," says Grover, speaking of the inconsistencies in Han's toxicology screen, her body position and her apparent carbon-monoxide suicide. "Everything about that scene was consistent with a staged homicide." http://www aljazeera com/indepth/features/2015/08/albuquerque-pd-case-study-police-brutality-150828061722574.html
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